April 25, 2007

2 Down, 8 to Go: LinkedIn Launches Blog

LinkedIn is slowly but surely working to implement some of the more low-hanging fruit features I suggested the professional networking site adopt this last March (See: 10 More Suggestions for LinkedIn). After quickly knocking out a resume to PDF feature (#5 on the list), the company has now taken on the most public but integral feature (#10 on the list) by starting a corporate blog.

In late March, Steve Ganz, head Web developer at LinkedIn, in a comment on this site, said the debut of the company's corporate blog was "imminent", and now that day has come. The company evangelist, Mario Sundar, joined LinkedIn just last month, but is ready to start promoting all things LinkedIn. His first post says, "If you’re looking for a singular information source on LinkedIn with regular updates on upcoming product features, tips-and-tricks, and events or if you’d just like to hear about all the fun stuff associated with working at LinkedIn, you have reached the right place."

Congratulations to LinkedIn for offering a very-useful service and for continued growth. We appreciate the efforts and look forward to more progress. Don't forget, if you like louisgray.com, let's get LinkedIn!

(Additional coverage: Mashable)