March 08, 2007

Daylight Savings Shift to Strike Our TiVo?

When news of how Congress' plan to move up Daylight Savings Time would impact the IT community first came to light, I rolled my eyes. Apple issued an update to patch Mac OS X to deal with the change. Microsoft did the same. BlackBerry even issued a patch so my handheld would accurately display meeting times, and e-mail would show with the correct time stamp.

But I didn't anticipate what could be the biggest problem of them all. My TiVo. Today, TiVo helpfully sent an e-mail warning me that for three weeks, my TiVo will likely show the wrong time, and that manually recorded season passes will record the wrong shows for a while, unless I go in and make changes. This means that instead of recording ER every Thursday at 10, we might end up getting an episode of Scrubs instead. That'd be a calamity, of course. (More Details at

Yet, TiVo doesn't seem all that concerned that there would be just as much drama away from the set as on the set. Couch potatoes everywhere apparently won't suffer too poorly. They promise that Season Pass programs and Wish Lists will continue without interruption, after all. But no patch is coming. We just have to wait this one out, and maybe by next year, they'll have something resembling a solution. Until then, we will be caressing our remotes, and patting our TiVo every morning in hopes they cooperate.