March 21, 2007

Apple TV On Its Way

I asked my fellow Macoholics today, "Is it overly obsessive to be refreshing my FedEx tracking every 30 minutes? Every 5?"

So far, the resounding answer is no. One quickly responded, "Nope. Mine's in (Alaska)." As of 10 p.m. Wednesday, mine is as well. The Apple Store reports I should expect my newest gadget to arrive no later than Friday at the office, so we just might be visiting the FedEx tracking page a few times between now and then.

As I had mentioned on The Apple Blog Monday, I am continually running into new ways to use the Apple TV, once it shows up. Additionally, friends and colleagues are springing out of the woodwork to let me know they plan to buy one, and this goes for Mac users and PC zealots alike. Apple has a hit on its hands, one that may soon be thought of in the same breath as the iPhone and the iPod.

It's like Christmas in March. I can't wait to unwrap my new present.

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