February 28, 2007

Missing in Action? No, All Over the Map

I believe we just set a new record for inactivity on the blog, one I hope will last for a long time, and I have to apologize for that. As promised last week, we were traveling, first to the East Coast, and later through Houston and Austin in Texas, where we saw a range of temperatures from 15 degrees (with 30 mile an hour winds) in Boston to 70s and 80s in Texas. All told, I took five flights on three airlines, stayed in three hotels from two chains and ate way too much food, as is the custom.

Compounding issues, I somehow came down with a bug that had me wiped out on the weekend, with my own temperature spiking above 100 and making my voice sound raspy, like a 60-plus lifetime smoker. I don't often get colds, but it's the second time in as many years that this has happened following a westward cross-country flight. We are back to normal now, and will be posting on a semi-regular schedule going forward.

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