January 27, 2007

Life In the Big City: New York, New York

Though no surprise to you or me, my travels to New York went fine.

I was able to upgrade my seat on the Los Angeles to New York leg of the trip to business class and that was much preferred over United's "Economy Plus" option. Despite the fact my chair was just a tad broken, and there were no power ports anywhere to be found, it was alright. I plan to follow up on that in a different post in the near future to be sure. Regardless of whether I flew in coach or cargo, we made it.

The weather here in New York is pretty good. It's in the mid-30's and actually feels good, so long as you keep moving. I'm staying only a few blocks from Broadway, meaning a short stroll will get me to some of the best-known sites in the city, from Radio City Music Hall to NBC Studios and the Time-Life Building. As I've now been here three times in the last two-plus years, always staying in this two-block radius, I'm pretty comfortable with it, feeling I can walk in any direction and make it back with no trouble.

Though I'm still on Pacific Time, I knew I should grab food before it got too late. Though New York is billed as a city that doesn't sleep, I wanted to make sure enough things were open, and headed out, finding Famous Famiglia Pizza on Broadway. It was outstanding. New York pizza is great to begin with, but I honestly felt I could eat there every day and not get bored. Great stuff.

I also ducked into the Virgin Mega Store on Broadway, like I do each time I come here, and headed to the Dance & Electronica music section. Like every other time I've been here, I get very tempted, and buy nothing. It's better for my budget to just window shop, but the energy in there is tremendous.

Despite my concerns over New York's weather, on the first evening here, I have no complaints. Weather forecasts expect the temperature to drop into the 20s, with potential flurries over the next few days. If that happens, I'll let you know.

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