December 16, 2006

Top Ten Signs We've Gotten Lazy At Chores

1. Simply turning on the Roomba to vacuum is too much effort.
2. We would rather my wife not cook, just so I don't have to do dishes.
3. "Picking up" around the house means lifting items just so the Roomba can clean under them, and then putting them back where they were.
4. If the bathroom seems dirty, instead of cleaning, I'd use the guest bathroom.
5. I'd donate clothes to goodwill rather than clean and iron them.
6. If I need more light in the room, I turn the TV on, instead of reaching for the lamp.
7. If the phone rings, I wait, knowing if it's important, they will eventually call my cell phone, which is sitting next to me.
8. I would hire the maid, but I don't want the hassle of picking one.
9. Ordering groceries from seems too inconvenient because they won't deliver in the next few hours.
10. If I select what's for dinner in order of how long it takes to cook it in the microwave. Lowest time wins.

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