December 05, 2006

New TAB Post Covers BlackBerry/Mac Integration

Since last week's invitation to publish stories on The Apple Blog, we have written two articles.

The first, covering KavaSoft's iTunes Catalog, received more than 450 promotions to the Digg site, resulting in tremendous traffic on this blog to my personal music library, and hopefully, a similar amount of interested folks perusing the KavaSoft site to make a purchase.

The second, to be published at 11 this morning, is less likely to set off a Web firestorm, but in my opinion is even more essential - detailing how I have now finally found a product that lets me synchronize my BlackBerry with my Mac. For far too long, I thought the Mac would go unsupported by the BlackBerry - that my data would have to live in a parallel universe between the Windows/Outlook/BlackBerry platform on one side and the Mac OS X/Mail/Address Book/iCal platform on the other.

The new article can be found here: PocketMac Syncs Blackberry With Mac

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