December 25, 2006

Alive And Well In Vegas for Christmas

So, our long airport ordeal came to a conclusion late yesterday evening after all. We caught our third chance at making standby on Southwest, and landed in Las Vegas well after dinnertime, 7 hours later than we had originally planned, but in one piece. Our luggage had taken the flight two trips earlier, and luckily for us, was waiting in Vegas when we arrived.

After unpacking at the Fairfield Wyndham, Kristine and I took a shuttle to Harrah's, so we could get dinner and begin to fine-tune the art of losing money at slots. We dabbled in that, and then made our way back to the Fairfield Resort, where we are now. Christmas in Vegas is officially here.

However, like many resorts not targeted at hard-core techies like myself, Internet access is abysmal. We've got intermittent success, and Airport's "radar" feature vacillates between a single dot and two, at best. This could prevent my posting with any good frequency. On the flip side, it may force me to be more social.

Merry Christmas!

Listening to ''Honey'', by Moby (Play Count: 1)

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