November 17, 2006

Top Ten Reasons Delta Is Better than United

1. Pay Per View Movies at Your Seat
2. 25+ Live Cable Channels at Your Seat
3. CD Jukebox available at Your Seat

(note a trend here?)

4. Shortbread cookies, not roasted peanuts...
5. Lower ticket prices
6. Taller chair backrests
7. More leg room
8. Electronic check-in by credit card at every airport
9. Flight tracker at the seat
10. You can challenge other passengers at trivia

Simply put, the little built-in entertainment console in every seat on the cross-country flights make a real difference. I wasn't forced to read my book and live off the iPod Shuffle's songs to be entertained. On our flight from Atlanta to San Jose today, we saw "Click" with Adam Sandler, watched CNBC, ESPN and CNN, and sampled new tracks by Madonna, Zero 7 and Thievery Corporation.

Not too shabby. Considering it cost 70% less than United, this is something we will want to do again.

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