November 28, 2006

San Simeon Thanksgiving Trip Photos

Last week, my wife and I did the unthinkable - taking a quick mini-vacation away from home during the Thanksgiving break, away from home, away from the beagle, and away from our assorted relatives. On Thanksgiving morning, we turned the car south and drove to San Simeon, near San Luis Obispo, nearby the famous Hearst Castle. During the next few days, until we returned Saturday morning, we strolled along the beach, examined the tidepools, seeing sea anemones, hermit crab, starfish and an seemingly endless number of barnacles. On Friday, we toured the famous Hearst Castle and gawked at the opulence of William Randolph Hearst's village-like structures, complete with massive guest homes, a gold-leafed pool, indoors and out, and architecture that harkened back to ancient Europe.

It was great to get away for a little while, even if the biggest crisis for me seemed to be the complete lack of high speed Internet. Though the inn where we stayed promised high speed wireless, we were more SOL than DSL. Give a man high speed internet, food, and a bed, and he's usually good to go. One of these days, we'll get that right.

Until then, I'll borrow from my wife's homepage and show some of the photo highlights.

The sun setting over the jagged rocks overlooking the beach

Nature showing off - clouds and ocean, together

A guest house at Hearst Castle

The Neptune Pool at Hearst Castle

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