November 26, 2006

Sacramento Bee Runs Sactown Royalty Piece

Last week, TZ, the editor of Sactown Royalty, took time off with his family to head to Disneyland, and effectively handed the reins of the site to me. While this caught me somewhat by surprise, especially since I was in Tampa, Florida, more than 2,000 miles away from home base, I tried to make the best of it, posting frequently to the site, delivering news and updates, game previews and recaps - all the standard fare you can expect from Sactown Royalty, Athletics Nation and the many other sites that make up Sports Blogs Nation.

One of the pieces I posted, focusing on the NBA's need to support franchises that don't reside in the largest media markets, reached a lot more than the audience where it was originally intended. Unbeknownst to me, the opinion page editor of the Sacramento Bee, the Kings' hometown newspaper, scours local blogs for color additions to his paper, and the piece I had posted was to be considered. Put up against seven other proposals, the piece was deemed worthy of publishing, and was printed today as part of their Sunday paper, with a feature called "Blogwatch".

TZ, very effusive in his thanks, was quite congratulatory today, in a post he titled, "Louismg Lands Us in The Bee!".I'm glad he's happy, and I'm glad the mainstream media is finding the new media so interesting. We're just enjoying the Sports Blogs Nation family, and the ability to deliver real-time commentary on the world of sports with fans from around the globe.