November 06, 2006

The House Is Vacuumed, And I Didn't Get Off My Butt

Yes, yet more Roomba love. While some guys probably were watching the clock at the office, ready to turn on ESPN and see the Raiders take on the Seahawks for this weekly tradition they call Monday Night Football, all I really wanted to do was get home, feed the dog, and vacuum. This isn't because I've turned a new, industrious leaf, it isn't because of any concussions, or an internal need to focus on homemaking. Instead, I just wanted to turn on our brand new Roomba cleaner, and see it take on the house. Now, while I scarcely left the couch, our home is criss-crossed and seemingly dirt-free.

You might recall that among my wife's birthday presents yesterday, she received a Roomba vacuum from iRobot. After we'd tested it last night, it got its first full workout tonight. I turned the machine on Max, and let it go.

Aside from one incident where the Roomba clamped onto an iPod Firewire cable and decided to take that along, and repeated attempts to run over our beagle, the vacuum cleaner was mischief free and intent on eliminating dirt from our condo. When it detected dirt, a blue light would come on, and the Roomba would turn in circles to get rid of it. And to make sure our dog wasn't too deprived, I turned on an invisible wall in front of her water dish, making sure the Roomba wouldn't knock it over. I'd seen how the Roomba aggressively tried to knock over grounded unlit candles and our footstool, so I wasn't about to have to put the hound and our robot slave against one another in court.

Today, when I raved about the device at work, people said the Roomba sounded pretty cool, but did it actually do its job and clean? After letting it run its course, and emptying its dust bin, I can unequivocally say that it does. While I haven't put it through the ringer with flour, sand or dirt, there was plenty to empty by the time it ran out of juice and gave up - in the middle of battling a throw rug - one of the device's rare losses.

Is it wrong for me to be enjoying my wife's birthday present with her out? If you ask Homer Simpson, he'd say no, but maybe there's something to it. Or maybe my wife will just be happy something got done with her away. From what she keeps telling me, I don't do anything at all - and while that still may be true, at least I've found a robot to do it for me.

Listening to ''Rock the Casbah'', by The Clash (Play Count: 5)