November 10, 2006

Google Says I'm the #1 Source for Making Bombs at Home

Google is the world's biggest, most popular, search engine, by a large margin. Our corporate statistics show that in excess of 80% of Web search traffic comes from Google sites around the world. In fact, it's something of an honor to make sure you are the #1 response for your name, and not another person who shares your name. (Example: "Louis Gray" )

But just because it's the deepest archive doesn't mean that all of its search results are entirely accurate - leading folks to what they are looking for.

I've been amused off and on this year by the occasional Web surfer who has visited my Web site, clearly looking for something they just aren't going to find once they get there - prompted by inaccurate guidance from Google. And tonight, I found one of the very best examples - one that might gain the interest of law enforcement, if misinterpreted.

Tonight, I learned that is the #1 result from Google if you search for "How to make a bomb out of household appliances". Yes, that's right. Apparently Google users looking to make bombs are told my site is the #1 place to do that. (Give it a try in your searching)

Is that really what I was trying to say? Do I really have instructions on how to make bombs on my Web site? Of course not. It's an example of keywords run amok, as it took a story about leaked instructions from Iraq on how to potentially design nuclear bombs and combined it with another story I wrote about our new Roomba vacuum. Mix, stir, and ta-da! Household bomb making instructions! Now pardon me while I go and find an attorney...

Listening to ''Turn Out the Light'', by M.I.K.E. (Play Count: 1)

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