November 10, 2006

ESPN Says Ron Artest is "Stinking It Up"

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Five games into the season should be enough for anyone to do some instant analysis, right? I mean, seriously... with teams having played 6 to 7 percent of the entire 82-game schedule, we can already see what's directly in front of us: that the world powers of the NBA, the LA Clippers and Atlanta Hawks, are going to run away with their respective conference championships, and we might as well polish up the league scoring trophy for Allen Iverson.

With this level of dramatic, thoughtful insight, we get a snarky column from's John Hollinger, who eagerly tells us about ten players who early in the season are a blight on their respective franchises. Among his ten nominees? None other than Ron Artest, Peja Stojakovic, and Chris Webber.

Without abusing copyright rules, here's a snippet of his brilliance:

Re: Artest

Ron Artest, Kings: The Kings are off to a very solid start, so it's really unfortunate that Artest is going to kill it with his selfish play.

This, of course, with Kevin Martin averaging 23.4 points per game, 15th best in the league (and an overachiever, according to Hollinger). Hollinger also piles on by calling Ron-Ron "crazy". Nice investigative reporting there, John. Way to put the brother down.

To misquote "crazy" Ron-Ron:

John Hollinger, up on ESPN. You look like a girl, put down that pen.

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