November 08, 2006

At Midnight, It Appears The Democrats Have the Senate

Cognizant of the early calls of Florida for Gore in 2000, the news networks have learned not to prematurely call states and elections without 100% of the data - and litigation is now the norm, rather than the exception. Given this environment, no major news medium is calling what is now clear will happen - the Democratic party has taken both the House of Representatives and the Senate majority tonight, as well as a significant majority of governorships.

Though late into the night, two outstanding races - in Virginia, and in Montana, have yet to be called, and the Democrats need both states to declare victory, the margin of victory is expanding to the point that a Republican victory in either race would be increasingly miniscule. When the votes are all counted, whether that be by tomorrow morning, or following legislated recounts in a month, the Democratic party will have won a slim majority in both houses, taking back the Legislative branch of the US government, held hostage by the Republicans for more than a decade.

With every victory and seat party change, the Democrats said it was a call for change, a call for a new direction, new ideas, and a 180 from the bullheadedness we've seen this entire administration. While those words are strong, every single party that is not in power says the same thing - we're here to change. Now, despite not owning the Executive branch and Judicial branch of government, the Democrats have a fighting chance to slow down the deterioration of our economy - to stop our foreign policy which has run amok, and to institute the recommendations of educated experts.

While not all the numbers are in, and while some are holding off on making the final tallies official, the Democrats did what some only dared to dream - taking what looks to be 30+ seats in the House and the necessary 6 seats in the Senate. Down by three with three to go, the Democrats went deep and sunk a three pointer... and the crowd cheered. Victory.

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