November 21, 2006

Artest's World: Back Troubles From the Benz

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Remember how Artest missed the opening tip-off against the Grizzlies last week, complaining of a sore back, and did his best Terrell Owens impression by riding a stationary bike through the first quarter?

Well, it appears he's fairly lucky that Sacramento isn't exactly the aggressive media market you see in places like New York, for he just might have been mocked up and down the Daily News and the Post for the cause of this malady. See... his back hurt because he was forced to drive his wife's Mercedes, and the car isn't exactly built for such a mythical creature as a full-framed 6'7" human.

Sam Amick of The Bee Reports:

The Kings small forward has been driving his wife's Mercedes SL 500 back and forth from their house in Loomis to Arco Arena. The Mercedes had been a gift from Artest to his wife, Kimsha, who decided the car wasn't her style. Thus, her 6-foot-7, 260-pound husband has been cramming his frame into the driver's seat, so much so that his back started giving him fits. The Mercedes is headed for the used-car market.

In fact, it sounds like Artest's back was still hurting during the Kings' contest against the Spurs, which could possibly have contributed to his off shooting night, though he lamented not having more looks in the second half. But the story is this... millionaire NBA player who reveres his ties to the ghetto hurt himself driving a Mercedes - one that his wife thought didn't fit "her style". Oh... to have such issues myself.

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