October 12, 2006

Sacramento Kings (Pre)Season Kicks Off

In the category of "I shouldn't really care, but for some reason I do", the Sacramento Kings held their first preseason game this evening, taking on the Dallas Mavericks. In a game that wasn't supposed to mean anything, and apparently didn't feature the full Mavericks staff, the Kings prevailed 111-90, in a game where they weren't truly challenged.

Being in the Bay Area means that I don't have access to the Kings on TV on a regular basis, so any "watching" took place via Yahoo! Sports, and real-time chat on Sactown Royalty, where you can see my quasi-commentary and always uninsightful comments. Hopefully, as the NBA season nears, we'll find some sort of solution to satiate my seeming need to follow every game.

In the game, the Kings led throughout, and outscored the Mavericks every quarter. Five players notched double figures, including one of my favorites, Shareef Abdur-Rahim. Abdur-Rahim and I both entered Cal Berkeley in the 1995-1996 year, where he gained freshman of the year honors for the Pac-10 conference, and then, vanished, off to the pros, while I was left to toil for UC Berkeley another three years, as he made his millions and I only got a degree.

Shareef's role on the Kings has been questioned of late. While his talent is among the highest on the club, he has been coming off of the bench, and playing more of a backup role. In my fully biased, uneducated opinion, I feel the team would be better off with him in the starting five, and tonight's play showed that. On the flip side, tonight's game didn't count, and they don't count for awhile. Maybe I should keep my focus on baseball until it's "all over" for the A's...

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