October 09, 2006

The Newfound Stardom of Marco Scutaro

Every baseball season starts out with 30 major league teams, which after a full 162-game campaign, are quickly whittled down from eight, to four and finally two, who meet in the World Series to determine the year's champions. Tomorrow, as one of the last four teams alive in the chase, the A's are set to take on the Detroit Tigers in the American League Championship Series (ALCS), in large part due to the heroics of a small-stature one-time backup infielder Marco Scutaro. After connecting for run-scoring doubles in all three games against the Minnesota Twins, Marco came up huge with a bases-clearing double that gave the A's an 8-2 margin in the final contest, amid deafening chants of "Marco! Scutaro!" from the feverishly-adoring crowd.

Though loved by many hard-core A's fans well before the series, Marco's MVP-like show has the baseball world buzzing, and the Internet awash in those searching for all they can about this unknown Venezuelan. How do I know? It just so happens that louisgray.com has seen quite a bit of activity looking for Marco. In March of this year, in a pre-season edition of the ANtics, I profiled Marco in "Scutaro Skills!". This comic has risen in the ranks of Google images, sticking out like a sore thumb from the rest of the standard game photography. Of these visitors to the site, a great number are from Marco's homeland in Venezuela.

So, if you've come to louisgray.com looking for more about the little man who has come up big, you can find your Marco fix here:

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