October 01, 2006

New Sactown Royalty Profile: Spud Webb

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Continuing the site's run of profiling the greatest Sacramento Kings in franchise history, Spud Webb holds down the #11 spot, coming up big, despite the fact that at 5' 7", he ranks among the shortest NBA players of all time.

On a personal note, my most fond memory was of Spud Webb leading the Kings to an improbable victory against the much-hated Phoenix Suns and Charles Barkley on April 8, 1994 - which just so happened to be my 17th birthday. Sitting in the top row in the nosebleed section of Arco, at my first Kings game ever, the fans noisily made thunder rain down on the Suns, as Webb scored 18, dished out 13 assists, and the Kings won 104-101. (Boxscore Here) It was an experience I'll never forget, and one where Spud Webb, made a big impression on us all.

More at Sactown Royalty: The Sactown Greatest, #11: Spud Webb

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