October 15, 2006

Mercury News Covers Animosity to "The Wave"

Last month, I was surprised to learn the Oakland A's ties to the sports fan tradition of the wave. Never a big fan of the practice, I've grown increasingly annoyed with it as fans start it at inappropriate times, or it gets in the way of those fans who are focused on the game. When I wrote a blog entry here and on Athletics Nation about it, it apparently garnered the awareness of reporter David Pollak of the San Jose Mercury News. Writing a piece on the wave's official 25th anniversary, he contacted me to see if I could help him "have the totality of the anti-wave movement represented."

So, always eager to help, we did our part, and that story, now published, can be found both online and in the Sunday edition of the paper. While my entire reply could not be included, given its length, I was the only person who was a named opponent.

The quote was as follows:

"The wave is a travesty. Usually started by inattentive, inebriated fans who would struggle to tell you the current score, let alone the situation of the game, the wave violently distracts from the activity on the field.''

Fairly snooty, right? If you thought that was bad, you should have seen my rant where I also said it was better suited to LA and Anaheim Angels fans, or its ties to superstition. Any good fan will tell you the wave is simply bad luck.

The article can be found here:

It's 25, Was Begun By An SJSU Alum, and is Beloved, Or None of That

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