October 08, 2006

Blog Issues Disruptive to Sleep Patterns

In a single-person survey conducted in the Louis Gray household this evening, it was determined that ongoing issues with the blog's look and feel have directly impacted sleep patterns to the point of ridiculousness. Apparently, after an "all clear" note sent yesterday that highlighted the potential to ongoing changes, issues with the blog became only worse, and continued efforts to post new stories, or make changes, consumed efforts until after 3 in the morning, Pacific Time, before the site's administrator relented.

After coming home yesterday evening from the Cal and Oregon football game, which has pushed the team into Top Ten status in the college polls, I attempted to post my quick game recap, but for some reason, the new blog site theme opted to try and publish the nearly 500 posts to date, rather than just add the one. Multiple times, this failed part-way through, and it was impossible to publish at all. After this nonsense, I changed themes a few more times, and tweaked settings, all in vain.

With the beagle as my only companion, the wife long since asleep, we tried to make louisgray.com functional, and gave up in frustration before 4 a.m. came, in some attempt to rest before Sunday began in earnest. Yet, the post which should have made it to the Web at 12:45 last night didn't go live until almost noon today, when a "perfect storm" of settings, preferences and themes were found to meet the minimum standard needed. So, here we are. The site once again looks interesting, but once again, lacks the subpage content I had been so excited about the last time you were updated.

Be assured that we will keep fighting - sleep be damned.

Listening to ''Enemy'', by Gabriel & Dresden (Play Count: 12)

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