September 29, 2006

Online Window Shopping: A New Macbook!

When it comes to technology at the office, I feel like the smallest child at the table who looks around for scraps and grabs whatever the big guys didn't take already. It may not be the best stuff, but it gets the job done.

My cubicle consists of two computers - one six-year-old desktop Mac (Dual G4 450), and a Dell laptop which likely has some kind of hardware defect that has the hard drive make a random clicking noise every few minutes or so. Similarly, each Blackberry I've had, since my first one in 2002, has been taken from someone who left the company, for whatever reason. Even the cell phone number I feature here on the site is one that used to belong to someone else. When I took it away, I simply e-mailed everybody and asked them to update their address books, but even today, after using it for 18 months, I get his calls.

That being said, I think it's time to make an upgrade - to a new laptop that works well on both Mac OS X and Windows. There's no need to be tethered to a slow, clunky, desktop, and no need to have two machines. Keeping our tradition of online window shopping, I headed to to design the machine I want - now, and yes, I admit to choosing design over speed. I simply want a black one, and only the consumer level lets me do so.

The full setup, including 2 GB of RAM and a 120 GB hard drive, sets me back just over $2,200, plus tax. It's enough to make me buy it and issue an expense report, if only I knew it would be approved... see below.

Listening to ''Twin Town (Nick Warren Mix)'', by Ian Wilie Vs Timo Maas (Play Count: 3)

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