August 06, 2006

Web iTunes Library Updated

You've probably noticed I spend quite a bit of time while on the computer listening to iTunes. A friend of mine, Andrew Zamler-Carhart, a software developer behind all the great Mac OS X software at KavaSoft, released an application that helps Web developers and bloggers highlight their own iTunes libraries on the site, called iTunes Catalog.

Recently, Andrew issued an update to Kavasoft's iTunes Catalog program, and my own library was updated this evening - as you can see at

If you like iTunes and have a blog or a Web site, you can download iTunes Catalog from here.

Some highlights: iTunes Catalog even lets you jump directly to playlists, artists and songs, just like you can with regular, plain-old iTunes.

(Examples: Top 200 Songs Played, Recently Purchased Songs, Top 100 Most Recently Played Songs)

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