August 22, 2006

A Third NorCal NBA Team? San Jose Says Yes

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A few weeks ago, we talked about "Kings Country", the theoretical make-believe border between where Kings fans ended and Warriors fans began, etc. But now, there are rumblings of some trying to bring an NBA team to San Jose, to share the HP Pavilion with the Sharks, which would make northern California a three-team region - taking it a step further than every other professional sport, including MLB and the NFL, who are comfortable with their Oakland and San Francisco representatives.

In today's San Jose Mercury News, a piece titled, NBA team still on S.J. agenda, says that an investment group recently courted (no pun intended) the Seattle Supersonics in an attempt to bring them to Silicon Valley. Now, arena owners are openly discussing the need to make accomodations, in the event an NBA squad were brought to the South Bay.

"If you're not prepared and if something were to come up, you're really in trouble,'' said Greg Jamison, SVSE's chief executive officer. ``We want to be prepared in the event that possibly an NBA team becomes available.''

As you can expect, even the rumblings of potential sneakers on the hardwood has got San Jose's northern neighbors just a little peeved.

"I am not in the business of telling cities how to do their business,'' Warriors President Robert Rowell said Monday. ``However, I am sure there are better ways they can spend the taxpayers' dollar than on this project.''

Is Northern California strong enough to support the two teams it already has in professional hoops, let alone three? Are these Silicon Valley financial overlords enjoying recreational pharmaceuticals? And would the Kings be as impacted as the Warriors by the San Jose Motherboards? Your thoughts...

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