August 30, 2006

Online Window Shopping: A New Car!

It's often said that one of the biggest concerns any e-commerce Web site has is that too many people are filling shopping carts, and then abandoning them before the sale is complete. While some point to slow page loads, or difficulty in page navigation, I'd argue the Web is a fantastic way to go window shopping, both to compare prices, and to fantasize spending money we may not have anyway.

I, for one, have been caught every once and again with my cart fully loaded at the Apple store, working to see if add all the bells and whistles to the newest laptop or desktop, just how expensive I can make the darn thing.

Assuming I had all the cash I would need, I thought I'd present you with my new car - the one I keep thinking I'm going to get someday, if money fell out of the sky, yet somehow didn't lead to inflation or a devaluation of the currency. (Tough economics there!) On BMW's Web site, you can design your own vehicle - coupe, convertible, sedan or SUV, and even get pricing terms. I present to you my new 333-horsepower 2006 BMW M3 Convertible, with all the options.

The above includes:

* Mystic Blue Metallic exterior
* Dark blue top
* Gray Leather with Shadow Trim
* Heated front seats
* On-Board Navigation System
* Adjustable lumbar seats
* AM/FM stereo/CD with MP3 capability, 10 speakers
* Harman Kardon Premium Sound System
* Floor Mats

All this, and more, for a mere $62,000. Now, would I ever really by a BMW online? Probably not. And if I had so much disposable income at hand as to consider really buying a top-of-the-line BMW, would that be the wisest choice to spend all my cash? Probably not - but who cares? It's online window shopping, with no car salesmen!

More fanciful shopping lists sure to come soon...

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