August 02, 2006

Microsoft Expanding Despite Vista Collapse

Microsoft is in an odd space right now, as mentioned previously. Nobody appears to have much confidence that the company's next generation OS, Vista, is going to ship in time for PC vendors to pre-package it before the end of the year, and some prominent bloggers, including Robert McLaw and Robert Scoble, are campaigning for the software giant to hold off on its release until all the kinks are worked out.

As Scoble writes, "This sucker is just not ready. Too many things are too slow and/or don’t work." But that's not stopping Microsoft from continuing to balloon - as the company announced recently it had expanded corporate headcount by an additional 10,000 in the last fiscal year, turning nearby streets into parking lots, according to Mini-Microsoft, who laments, "10,000 More Microsofties - What Do They Do?". You know that line about throwing good money after bad? I don't see that Microsoft can continue to throw people at the problem. After a while, they reach a point where they simply don't add value and contribute to the slowdowns...

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