July 18, 2006

Late Night Sports Notes: July 18, 2006

Heck... if I can devote a whole entry just to technology notes, then why leave out sports?

The A's, despite a good start by rookie pitcher Jason Windsor, who was making his major league debut, fell at the hands of the Baltimore Orioles by a score of 5-3 this evening. Meanwhile, hot on the A's heels are the Anaheim (err... Los Angeles) Angels, who have won seven straight and crept to within a half of game of the division lead. However, at this point, the A's continue to hold first place, though every loss makes things just that much more dicey. Amazing how all the good feelings from taking 3 of 4 against Boston can be erased with one down game.

Switching gears, and sports, my latest entry to Sactown Royalty, which marked Kenny Smith's entry into #14 on the all-time Sacramento Kings roster, was posted shortly after midnight tonight. Kenny only lasted 2+ seasons at Arco Arena, and made more of a name for himself with the Houston Rockets, gaining two championships, and later as a TV analyst for TNT, taking potshots from Charles Barkley on a nightly basis.

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