July 02, 2006

Confessions of a Trivial Mind

After a 75-episode run on Jeopardy, trivia genius Ken Jennings has opted to enter the world of blogging in an attempt to continue his 15 minutes of fame. His site "Confessions of a Trivial Mind" covers family issues as well as all things peripheral to Jeopardy and trivia games. As you may remember, the LDS software engineer from Utah completed an unprecedented run on Alex Trebek's quiz show, garnering more than $2 million in winnings.

His run drummed up significant levels of interest in Jeopardy as he won, 10, then 20, and more, consecutive contests. In fact, shortly after Ken's time on stage, I tried out for Jeopardy myself in San Francisco. Though I felt I did well on the quiz, I fell short, and had to leave a loser, while only a small handful were asked to move to the next round. While those of us who missed were told to let everyone know we had only "missed by one", nobody ever gets their scores.

In reality, as you can probably tell from this site, my interests aren't nearly broad enough to support a consistent winning streak  - for once you get outside of A's baseball, Apple Computers, and techno music, I'm pretty much lost.

Listening to ''Dark Heart Dawning'', by BT (Play Count: 4)

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