July 30, 2006

Apple Rumors: iPhone to Debut In August

An Apple rumor a day keeps Steve Jobs away. Or so it seems. On what should have been a lazy Saturday in the rumor mill for the Cupertino computer and digital device maker, the Web is aflurry with yet another discussion about the often-rumored and never seen, iPhone. It's been suggested pretty much ever since Apple debuted the iMac in 1998 that a move to cellular phones was next - and that the company would leverage is unparalleled design and user interface abilities to rock the worlds of Motorola and rest of the handset developers. 

With the subsequent debuts of the iPod in 2001, and work with Motorola on the Rokr and Slvr, Apple continues to draw attention to something they haven't mentioned - the iPhone. Even the most ardent of Cupertino followers is probably tired of this news cycle - as they've only been told about the Cupertino-owned URL www.iphone.org about 10 million times. But that news cycle is back, in one of those "A friend of a friend told me" type of deals. Engadget is now saying that an insider familiar with the commercial production for many of Apple's projects has seen the sleekest cell phone ever, and that it will debut in August - as if Steve Jobs has such loose control over the company that this helpful piece of data would just fall out of their mouths...

But that's not all in Apple land tonight. It turns out that the company's current products are humming along very nicely now too. As the company makes the third major transition in the last decade, over to Intel, not all of the company's faithful customers (myself included) have yet made the switch, and as eWeek writes, there just may be a "perfect storm" of Macintosh sales on the horizon, which in my hopes, would propel AAPL stock to new heights unseen in recent times. With my portfolio rebounding, it'd be great to have Apple pushing us well beyond our current position. Maybe, with my new iPhone, I could call my broker (if I had one) and tell him to buy, buy, buy AAPL stock. That'd be a kick. Now we just have to wait a month. Maybe. If the rumors are true...

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