June 02, 2006

Very Frustrating Evening As A's Fans

We had a very frustrating evening trying to be good A's fans. For a 7:05 game, we didn't leave the office until 7 p.m. (long story), and tried to listen to the game up North 880 only to come back late from commercial and have missed Frank Thomas' home run... the only run the A's would score in the game. We eventually made it to the park just as the bottom of the 5th was ending in time to see Jason Kendall popping up. An hour later, we were all done, and the A's lost 2-1, on a two-run bomb, despite starter Kirk Saarloos pitching well. I spent more time in the car than at the game.

What made it worse? We were surrounded by people who didn't pay attention to the game and thought they were paid by the word. One woman was so adept at making noise that a guy bought her an ice cream cone and said maybe that would shut her up. It didn't work.

Listening to ''Ping Pong'', by Stereolab (Play Count: 7)