June 24, 2006

Mac OS X 10.5 Remains a Mystery

After Thursday's discovery of what appeared to be two screenshots of Apple's next operating system release, the blogger has since recanted, saying that they were a fraud, and spread well beyond his initial expectations. This means that all of our intrigue around new features coming in Mac OS X 10.5, including virtual desktops, integrated Windows compatibility, and a hybrid version of AddressBook and iCal, may not actually be there at all.

As the blogger writes, "Those screenshots are 100% fake. They are entirely Photoshopped, done merely for fun out of lots of free time and about 6 cans of Diet Coke."

Yet fun was had by all. The Macintosh rumors community is notorious for biting hard on anything that nears hope, whether it was SpyMac's infamous iWalk video, the "Apple Media Player (AMP)", the on-again, off-again Apple iPhone, and even pink PowerMac G4s. Given Apple's record for innovation, we tend to believe they can deliver just about anything we dream up. It's an odd relationship, as in the absence of word from Apple, anticipation and expectations rise to a fever pitch, guaranteeing disappointment when the eventual truth is revealed.

And life goes on.

Or does it? AppleInsider now claims that Apple's planned a desktop-level Google Maps alternative... and why not?

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