June 05, 2006

Google to Launch Spreadsheet Web App

The world's most popular search engine may still claim they are focused on search, but that corporate mantra is getting more diluted by the day, as Google continues to launch new tertiary apps that vary widely from the company's core focus (or original focus, anyway). Every tech site worth their salt is abuzz with the news that Google is set to take on Microsoft Excel through the launch of Google spreadsheet.

And as with the vast majority of Google's non-search products, the database app is probably going to be called "Beta" for a significant time and is debuting light on features. As the Wall Street Journal writes, Google spreadsheet "is a simple, early version that lacks some sophisticated features such as the ability to create charts or drag and drop data." Oh. But why would I need those features anyway? How silly of me! At this point, I'm almost siding with the snide remark from Microsoft's General Manager in the same article who said, "There's nothing new here really," saying Google Spreadsheet is just one of many competitors to the software monolith's office suite.

Additional coverage: ZDNet, Micro Persuasion, GigaOM, Silicon Valley Sleuth, Searchblog

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