June 14, 2006

Google Building Secret Massive Supercomputer

Google isn't satisfied in being the #1 company for search, and has found itself directly in the sights of some of the most powerful companies on Earth - Yahoo! and Microsoft, for starters. In order to continue leading the pack in Web services and customer satisfaction, solving the latency issue is key, as customers will switch sites and services over what are perceived to be more than millisecond delays. As part of the company's billion-plus dollar plan to solve just that, Google has amassed what some are calling the world's largest supercomputer, tucked away in Oregon, dubbed "Project02", according to those in the know. Whether that system is measured the largest by number of individual servers, petaflops, or some other metric is unclear, and nobody at Google is talking.

More in Tuesday's International Herald Tribune and in Wednesday's New York Times.

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