June 30, 2006

A Good Walk Spoiled

You've heard the saying - that golf isn't a sport at all, but instead, a good walk spoiled. Yet, for some reason, it can grow to be an obsession. Family fortunes are spent on the green, chasing a little, dimpled ball in the grass, in a repetitive venture that tries to avoid anything that looks like the beach - sand, water, and the rough.

In the early part of the 20th century, though the game was much the same, the people who dominated the sport were quite different - as chronicled in the latest gift from Netflix, The Greatest Game Ever Played, which covers the very unlikely story of an amateur who victoriously challenged the professionals and much more serious caste system that separated rich from poor and aligned one due to their family line, and not their work ethic.

Though I was looking especially hard for the film's visual effects, I didn't miss the plot. It was pretty good, considering it came from Disney, who hasn't wowed anyone with their formulaic storytelling of late. The young conquering hero, and his hilarious 5th grade caddy, win the game, win the girl, and win the hearts of his challenging parents - all in the space of 2 hours and 1 minute!

I can't play golf well. In fact, I've never beaten my wife at miniature golf. But every morning, evening and weekend we hear golfers on the nearby course daring to break par, or better yet, to play hooky from work, regardless of their score. But maybe some day we'll join them - maybe after the baseball season is done.

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