June 14, 2006

Evening Notes: June 14, 2006

More in an irregularly occurring series...

So George Bush goes to Iraq... of course it's a "surprise visit", because if he or any of his henchmen told the Iraqi people they were going to come in advance, it could get kind of ugly. I'll be more impressed if he goes over there for an announced, scheduled visit, and nothing happens. Of course, the Republican spin machine is saying how this is an amazing move for Bush, prompting one of the wire services to issue a story on how "Democrats are in Disarray as Bush Basks In Glow of Iraq Trip." Somehow I doubt they're really in any kind of turmoil. The only question is, how come Bush's "tour" wasn't extended 3 or 4 times the way our enlisted men are forced to do? That would be something.

Hot off all of the press resulting from his announcing that he was to be leaving Microsoft, Robert Scoble analyzes why he thinks Wall Street knows Steve Ballmer is full of it. He argues that in contrast to Google and Apple, Microsoft didn't win over the hearts and minds of the people who matter in the grassroots. He says that Microsoft also doesn't get blogging and is leaning too heavily on traditional PR. May be something to that after all.

As mentioned earlier, Digg is looking to cover more than technology. Valleywag happens to be the first to unveil screenshots of the new site. Check it out.

Internet Outsider scoffs at eBay's new interaction with Skype, sarcastically saying that eBay should now buy FedEx and Verizon as well, to better increase communication between buyers and sellers. For $4 Billion, one should hope eBay gets more than just what we've seen so far.

And you've no doubt seen the Macintosh vs. PC commercials that are getting serious airtime. Not only has Apple issued three new commercials, which you can see here, but it looks like Microsoft is aiming to address the company's historically poor stability issues through finally evaluating third-party drivers, in part due to feedback from Crash Reports. Ars Technica has more.

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