June 28, 2006

Discovering Arli$$

Being a TV cheapskate, we've never, ever, had HBO. Not when I was living at home, not when I was in college, not when I was single, and not now that I'm married. As a result, we've "missed out" on a number of HBO shows that garnered tremendous critical acclaim - from Oz to the Sopranos, and Sex In the City.

With most all shows in summer reruns, we tested out our TiVo by visiting the nether-regions of the cable lineup, all the way down to ESPN Classic, where we were hoping to find historic baseball contests or athlete profiles. Instead, we stumbled upon Arli$$, which started its life as an HBO feature, and now is getting a second wind in syndication on the ESPN offshoot. So, on a lark, having always heard good things about the show, we politely asked our TiVo to look into it on a more consistent basis.

The show, as you may know, focuses on a big-name sports agent, and his efforts to get the largest amount of bucks for his clients. After seeing five or so episodes, we're hooked - and we're going to bleed the show dry this summer, or until we're tired of it, whatever comes first. Even my wife has found it funny. So on top of our regular fare, currently dominated by Oakland A's baseball, and House reruns, Arli$$ is making a good run.

Listening to ''Night'', by M83 (Play Count: 4)