May 01, 2006

New Apple Commercials Tout the Mac

Apple has grown dramatically in recent years, primarily on the back of the iPod, but more quietly, they've continued to advance their Mac OS X operating system, and develop new hardware - recently moving to Intel processors, and even introducing the ability to run Windows on their MacIntel lines - should you want to. But while this has happened, Apple has not been very vocal about promoting the Macintosh - which at times has driven the Mac faithful nutty, as they've called for the Cupertino-based company to turn up the heat on Windows, especially as Microsoft continues to struggle with advancing to their next-generation operating system, Vista.

Today, those calls were answered, when Apple debuted a series of commercials with the theme of "Get a Mac", all of which can be found on the company's Web site at: The ads feature the same white background seen in their "Switch" campaign of a few years back, and highlight two actors - one, a stiff businessman who represents a PC, and the other, a hip young guy, who is the Mac. While slightly amusing at best, the commercials don't come out and grab you the way the iPod series has, and they sniff of the superiority complex some detractors assign to Macintosh users. I don't know how well they are going to play to business folks at all, or anybody over 30 who can't identify with a goatee wearing hipster.

To see for yourself, go to any of the ads. Viruses | Restarting | Better | iLife | Network | WSJ

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