May 20, 2006

Morning Notes: May 20, 2006

More in an irregularly occurring series...

Thought Google was eating Yahoo! and MSN's lunch everywhere? Apparently, besides their significant lead in search, the company's coattails haven't resulted in dominant shares for their GMail or Google Maps properties so far. Though considered the most technologically innovative so far, the company continues to lead in search and ads, while Yahoo! and MSN, more traditional portals, continue to lead where they always have.
(More here: Hitwise: Google, Yahoo! and MSN: Property Size-up)

Speaking of Microsoft, the company had a big pow-wow on Thursday, discussing the company's competitive positioning, employee incentives, and addressing productivity in light of overwhelming pressures from their detractors, seen and unseen. Mini-Microsoft, as always, has their take on what the company got right and wrong, and whether these are steps in the right direction for the company - who continues to be recognized for how much money they've made and how big they are, and much less so for the quality of their products and innovation. Robert Scoble also noted the meeting in a report on his widely-read blog.

And... I have to admit, it's totally irrational, but I'm very much smitten by the new black MacBooks from Apple. I've never been much intrigued by the black line of iPod Nanos, or even colored iBooks, but the new black MacBook option introduced by Apple earlier this week is quite striking. Unfortunately for me, I just sunk $1k into my PowerBook G4 to fix the logic board, and I don't have enough good excuses to "upgrade", theoretically dropping myself from the professional line of laptops to the consumer line, and from PowerPC to Intel in a single bound. Still, it's black. Isn't that professional enough?

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