May 24, 2006

Get Rich Quick!

Or at least, that's always the idea... why would you want to have to work every single day of your life and either not get rich, or have it take so long that you don't get to enjoy the benefits? Everybody wishes it were that easy, even if we don't admit it. That's one idea behind trying to time first-day IPO stocks, and why many try to get in on the ground floor of startups, with the hope that 2 to 4 years of 80 hour workweeks and the elimination of a social life will translate into riches beyond belief.

If you're of that type, and you're not exactly satisfied with how your first day results are on Vonage (as the stock dipped 15% or so in the first day, much to my chagrin), then Business 2.0 has the how-to list on creating a bulletproof successful startup. Of course, it always looks easy when you have lego-like cartoon images that demonstrate product development, launch and the inevitable requirement of talking to VCs. Heck, if they are so bright, how come they are just reporters at a industry trade rag that got absorbed by Fast Company a few years back? What? They thought we forgot? And remember when they were as big as phone books? How did that work out?

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