May 27, 2006

Free, Free, Free

We've lately been trying to save money. Beyond avoiding outlandish purchases, we're taking a lot of shortcuts to avoid spending money where we don't have to, so when we have the opportunity to get something for free, and have a good time as well, bring it on.

Last weekend, when the A's had three sellout games against the Giants, the team put on a promotion where Round Table Pizza gave away personal pizzas to every member of the crowd. Simply by exchanging the tickets, we could get free pizza for the next week. Having attended all three games, that meant on Monday, Thursday and today, we were at our local Round Table, spending all of $1 or $2 on lunch (covering drinks and tax) and doing our best freeloader impersonation.

This was made even better tonight, when a vendor from the office treated us to field-level tickets at the Giants game tonight in San Francisco. Not only were the tickets free, but so was the food, and drink, and continuing in my cheap phase, I convinced a colleague to drive there and back so he would cover gas. In fact, we parked outside of the stadium... again for free. Good deal! All told, we got three lunches, dinner, drinks, a game and parking for the princely sum of about six bucks this week - not saying that the food will do me any good, and that my waistline may be increasing at the same rate as my wallet, but it's a start.

Listening to ''Inertia'', by Fragile Feat. Alex Lemon (Play Count: 3)

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