May 17, 2006

At Home on the Road, Thanks to

Our three-plus day stint in Chicago wraps up tomorrow. The trade show ended this evening, and we fly back to the West coast, where we belong, tomorrow afternoon. But even though we're a few thousand miles away from home, there are some things I just don't like leaving behind, and Oakland A's baseball is one of them. It's one thing to have the Athletics Nation community for live game threads, and Yahoo! or ESPN for near real-time box scores, but far surpassing them in convenience is's live streaming radio. Now, here in my hotel room in Chicago, I am listening to the A's taking on the Seattle Mariners as if I were listening to the radio at home or in the car. has a plan set up that for $14.95, you can listen to any major league game live through the Web - for any team - all season long. So, when I'm traveling, whether I'm in Los Angeles, Phoenix, Orlando, Chicago, Boston, New York or Seattle, I can take one of the home comforts with me.

On the flip side, we don't have TV access. MLB TV simply doesn't cater well to fans who live near their team. Foolishly, MLB TV will let me watch every team except for those near me, assuming it's probably on somewhere I can see it. Wrong. Stupidly wrong. So, instead of paying $79.95 a year, I get better service for $14.95, and don't ask for video. But that's a different issue. Baseball is one of the few games that really lends itself well for radio, and does it very well and at a good price.

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