April 04, 2006

Still Unhappy With Laptop Power Issues

While it's definitely true that I've been away from the computer while working at this event, the blog has become even quieter than usual thanks to continued power issues on the laptop. Today I awoke to find the PowerBook completely out of juice at zero percent, and the power adapter I brought was doing no good at all. I'm sure it's probably an issue with the laptop now, as even after replacing the much-hated power adapters from Apple, we're still having problems, and it's not like me to want to be all Dell all the time, and I certainly was today. Not even the basics like FireFox and iTunes are nearly as good on Windows as they are on Mac OS X.

Somehow, I tricked the power adapter to start working this evening, and in this little window of optimism, I thought I'd check into a more pleasant OS. But I'll probably have to take this into the Apple store to see if they can diagnose the problem. They'll probably tell me it's out of warranty, and that I didn't buy AppleCare. Of course not - why would I ever need that? Grrr...

Listening to ''...Passing By'', by Ulrich Schnauss (Play Count: 10)

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