April 01, 2006

April Fools 2006: Best Stories

The Web is a great medium for April Fools Day jokes and posts, and the practice of trying to dupe visitors is so widespread that even the Apple rumor sites, known for being susceptible already, warn their visitors not to be gullible on this day. Starting late last night, as it became April 1st in the UK and then on the East coast of the United States, there have been some amusing trends in the Web related to this day.

By far, one of the best was for geek news site Slashdot to revise their page style from techie green to bright pink in an effort to enhance their demographics. The site, now bubble gum pink screams of OMG!!! PONIES!!!, reviews of the OC, emoticons and LOL! As they wrote, "Our marketing department has done extensive research over the last 3 quarters and discovered that our audience is strangely disproportionately skewed towards males. Like, 98.3% males to be precise."

Appropriately, they've featured stories from The Register, who said that China had put in a bid to purchase all of Google's Class B shares. The site also wrote that in a more serious matter, that Bush and his cronies had devised a plan to extend his presidency beyond 2008. Google kept up their tradition of mischief themselves, debuting a faux service called Google Romance, which involves contextual text advertising and help from highly paid relationship consultants.

Wired gets into the act through displaying the Top Ten Internet Spoofs of all time, and offers a chaser with a gallery of Apple's most rabid fans. Both fun.

Update: News.com has summarized some of the stories that got them laughing as well.

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