April 05, 2006

Apple Does Windows - Seriously

Many in the media were breathlessly awaiting any kind of announcement from Apple on the company's 30th anniversary this last April 1st, and when that date came and went without a peep from Cupertino, some were highly disappointed - though the only people not talking up any news were those who would issue it themselves. Earlier this morning, Apple broke their silence with a product called Boot Camp which enables Intel Macs to boot into Windows XP or Mac OS X with a simple restart.

While this isn't the virtual OS layer many were hoping for, which may be soon to follow, the option to boot Mac OS X or Windows XP on a single Apple computer is very intriguing, and dramatically expands the market for the company. Now, when it comes to the purveyors of limitations, it's Dell, HP and others who come to mind, who limit their customers to Redmond-approved environments only, while Apple gives you both. Now, people like me don't have to carry two laptops through airport x-ray machines on business trips, and corporations can feel better about providing those who prefer Macintosh with Apple products - knowing they can still run any Windows-only software that may be needed.

One side benefit of the announcement was that Apple stock (AAPL) jumped nearly 10 percent on the news, after weeks of slow descent. That helped my portfolio immensely, so I'm pleased. In fact, today's profit from Apple alone is enough to get a new iMac or Mac Mini with Intel inside. Dare me to give it a shot? I personally think I'll wait for the second revision of the MacBook Pro, Windows or not.

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