April 29, 2006

All Is Right With the World

After a week away from home in Las Vegas, I flew back in to San Jose yesterday afternoon, to find most things as I had left them. One thing that did make progress while I was out was the work on my previously-distressed laptop. Having dropped it off at the Apple Store last Saturday, the machine traveled further than I had, going to Texas for repair, before making its way back. So, despite having been up late the previous night, waiting for union workers until past 3:30 a.m. to return our equipment, I made my way back down to the Apple Store and retrieved the PowerBook - which is now happy again, accepting power and chugging away. Best of all, they didn't erase the hard drive, so no changes were needed.

Life can now carry on as planned.

Listening to ''Live @ DI.fm 2005-11-11'', by DJ Irish (Play Count: 2)

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