March 16, 2006

US Baseball Team Eliminated by Mexico

It was one thing for a "Dream Team" US squad to lose to Puerto Rico in the 2004 Olympics, but today, the United States fell to Mexico in the "World Baseball Classic" and found itself eliminated from competition, while Japan, Korea and others continue forward, further embarrassing the country credited with bringing both sports to life. Despite having sure first-ballot hall of famer Roger Clemens on the mound, and a line-up loaded with All-Stars, the U.S. team couldn't muster more than a single run in a 2-1 defeat.

The World Baseball Classic seemed like a foolish endeavor to begin with, with players opting out of the event, the New York Yankees protesting its existence, and hapless commissioner Bud Selig trying to tell everyone what a wonderful opportunity it was, all while ignoring the rising tumult around Barry Bonds and the steroids issue. Now, with the United States out, the players can return to their spring training squads, and all five people who cared about the final results can go back to watching re-runs of Law and Order or The View.

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