March 08, 2006

Technology Annoyances Back

Technology should just work. And given my focus on technology at home and at the office, it should work very well for me - right? So, then why do I have to deal with issues like cable modem outages and power adapters that simply don't work? I've mentioned both of those issue on the blog before, and yet, we're here again.

Apple's power adapters are still horrible. For some reason, my PowerBook G4 simply stopped liking Apple's power adapters, which, even if connected, would only have a fifty-fifty chance of actually charging the laptop. I'd have to adjust the wire or the connecting port at all sorts of odd angles to see the battery percentage go up at all. So, after dealing with this for weeks, I bit the bullet and ordered a Macally power adapter, which not only works with the PowerBook G4, but also costs half the price of Apple's. So now, at least that's working, and now, we get to throw away yet another Apple power adapter - the absolute worst hardware they make, period.

Oh yeah... and did I mention our cable modem is back on the blink? Literally. The darn thing's blinking, and we have no access. I didn't pay monthly fees in order to use it less than 31 days a month... and I expect it to work. If it wants to take time off for maintenance, then why doesn't that happen when I'm at the office, and nobody is using it at home? As far as I know, the beagle has yet to learn how to do much more than eat and sleep and rearrange our furniture. So, we're stuck. And now we get to remember what use computers were... before the Internet.

It shouldn't be this way. Anything less than 24 by 7 uptime is simply not acceptable.

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