March 04, 2006

Silicon Valley Gossip: Valleywag

For those of us who toil full time in the Silicon Valley, it's obvious we take ourselves too seriously - holding our long work hours and lack of social lives as a badge of honor (or at least that's my excuse). But some are looking to add the same levels of gossip and intrigue so common in entertainment and politics to our technology-focused lifestyle, giving Page Six a run for their money.

Valleywag is rising to the top of the Silicon Valley's rumor rags, ranging its coverage on which Web 2.0 company News Corp. is looking to acquire next to polls on who the most beautiful women at Google are. In true Matt Drudge fashion, Valleywag doesn't argue to have all the scoops, so if you have news and tips for Valleywag, it's just a click away, and you could see your rumors take hold in Silicon Valley consciousness.

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