March 02, 2006

Play Ball! First Spring Training Games Under Way

Just days after the conclusion of the Winter Olympics, a new sport has thrown off the shackles of an extended sabbatical and is prepared to return to fans' consciousness with a vengeance. Around Arizona and Florida today, teams got their first look at real nine inning games against major league opponents, and had the opportunity to not only showcase their star players, but try out some of the younger prospects.

The Oakland A's faced the Chicago Cubs in a mid-day game, and despite falling behind early 5-0, they rallied against one of the team's series of pitchers, scoring seven runs in the fifth inning, including a grand slam by second baseman Mark Ellis, only to eventually fall by a score of 8 to 7. While some might tell you spring training games and scores don't count, to the diehards, every game counts. Now, with the A's winless on the very early season, some are already calling for managerial changes and a lineup shakeup. But... maybe they're just kidding. Right guys?