March 09, 2006

Morning Notes: March 9, 2006

More in an irregularly occurring series...

This morning, TiVo shares jumped more than 4 percent, so I'm done with that play. In 7 days of holding the stock, it was up more than 7%, so that's all I was really looking for. I've made bigger money on TiVo before, but don't see that the bump from earnings (err... losses) is going to be sustained. I had purchased at 5.68 and sold at 5.99 - small potatoes, but I don't want to get greedy.

In other news, Apple looks more and more like they are going to mimic TiVo and offer season passes of TV shows through the iTunes Music Store. On their iTunes Video site, they say you can "buy the entire season of a TV show at a discount". Given that their full seasons for shows are running in the $35 to $40 range, I'm hoping we see some decrease. For me, this would only be interesting for a premium channel show, like HBO and Showtime, as we don't subscribe. Everything else, we'll let the TiVo run with. Additionally, Apple's added Law and Order: SVU to their lineup, and if Rush Limbaugh is to be believed, the company will soon be offering paid podcasts - his excellency included.

Also - Google can't seem to stay out of the news this week. They settled a case on click fraud yesterday by paying out $90 million. Not backbreaking for the search giant, but still a dent. Henry Blodget can't believe Google announced this on their blog of all places, saying "Google needs some new PR people and it needs them now." Also, Google is prepping a calendar service to work with GMail. TechCrunch has the screenshots. Rumor has it that Yahoo! employees leaked the screenshots to TechCrunch.

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